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About Adelaide
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About Adelaide – Bradford College


The capital city of South Australia, is a welcoming, cosmopolitan city of around 1.2 million people. It is also considered the Arts and Events capital of Australia. The city centre is compact, easy to travel around and is surrounded on all sides by spacious parklands. The city streets contain many cafes and restaurants that reflect the multicultural nature of the city by offering a wide variety of cuisines. The areas surrounding Adelaide also offer the chance to experience typically Australian attractions.


Adelaide has a very pleasant Mediterranean climate. There are 4 seasons:
Spring: September to November: Warm and sunny
Summer: December to February: Can be hot and dry, 25 – 35 degrees Celsius
 March to May: Beautifully sunny, cool nights, dry
Winter: June to August: Rain and fairly cool, no snow, 10 – 15 degrees Celsius.

Key Facts about Adelaide

Some of the many beneficial features of Adelaide include:

  • It is known as a cultural and education-focused city;
  • The city is attractive and well-planned with wide streets, squares and parks and an elegant mixture of historic and modern buildings;
  • A convenient and inexpensive transport system;
  • It is a multicultural city with over 100 different ethic communities from all over the world;
  • A reputation for advanced research and technology, especially in the telecommunications and defence industries, and a strong industrial manufacturing base;
  • Good opportunities for recreation activities, including cinemas and theatres, music, shopping and water sports at nearby beaches.
  • Has a vibrant restaurant scene, an amazing calendar of international festivals, a culture of sports and fitness and some of Australia’s most studding natural surrounds.

Cost of Living in Adelaide

Adelaide combines one of Australia’s lowest costs of living with arguably the highest quality of lifestyle which enables students to enjoy life to the full.

Student living costs per week in Adelaide

Homestay (Full board)
  • $260
Transport (per trip, one way)
  • $2.60 (peak) $1.30 (off-peak)
Clothes, entertainment
  • $50
Phone calls
  • $10
  • $330

All prices shown are in Australian dollars, costs are a guide only.

So what is Adelaide really like?

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