Bradford College

Bradford College

About Bradford College

Bradford College provides students with a pathway to undergraduate studies at the University of Adelaide – one of Australia’s prestigious ‘Group of Eight’ universities.

The College is located in the heart of the City of Adelaide, South Australia and enrols approximately 800 students each year from Australia and around the world. Students at Bradford College are part of the University of Adelaide population; they often study on campus, share the university resources and facilities, and like all other university students can make the most of the university experience with access to the student union, its clubs and societies.

The University of Adelaide is one of the best equipped tertiary institutions in Australia, with students from 95 different countries. The University of Adelaide has produced 5 Nobel Prize winners, 100 Rhodes Scholars and many other highly successful graduates.

Bradford College is an ideal choice for students who:

  • Are seeking an alternative entry pathway to a Bachelor degree at the University of Adelaide (Degree Transfer Program) as a result of not achieving required grade
  • Do not meet the high school (Year 12 or equivalent) standard to begin tertiary education at the University of Adelaide (Foundation Studies Program);
  • Do not have an IELTS score of 6.0 (General Academic English);
  • Require additional subjects, such as Specialist Mathematics, Maths Studies or a science to enter their bachelor degree course at the University of Adelaide (knowledge gap subjects).