Bradford Students

Bradford Students

Students at Bradford College

The Bradford College student experience

Students at Bradford College study at both the University of Adelaide and in the Bradford College building at 132 Grenfell St, Adelaide. Students receive a University of Adelaide student card and therefore have access to a wide range of facilities and services at the University. The University of Adelaide is one of the best equipped tertiary institutions in Australia with facilities such as specialist laboratories, custom built workshop facilities and computer suites available to students. Bradford College students also have access to the library resources and student services of the University.

The environment is friendly and safe and students are situated right in the heart of the capital city, Adelaide. Lectures and classes are conducted on the main campus of the University of Adelaide. The College employs the very best teachers available and offers students exceptional service from the students services staff who take special care in ensuring all of our students are made to feel welcome and taken care of.  The quality of the teachers, programs and the friendly learning environment ensure that students are given the best chance at achieving their goal of entering university.

Bradford College eLearning Centre
Current students may click the above link to enter the Bradford College eLearning Centre. You will be required to enter your username and password to gain access. This login information will be sent to you via your student email at the beginning of the course (FSP, DTB only). Through this portal you will be able to access lecture notes, tutorial questions, and assignments as well as teacher announcements, notices and discussion boards.