Degree Transfer

Degree Transfer

The Degree Transfer program is designed to give students fast track access to a Bachelor Degree at the University of Adelaide, if they cannot enter the Bachelor Degree program directly. Successful completion of the Degree Transfer Program guarantees entry into second year of a bachelor program at the University of Adelaide.

Degree Transfer – Bradford College

The Degree Transfer programs are a combination of bridging material and first year course material from the University of Adelaide degree program. Most classes are conducted on the main campus of the University of Adelaide.

In the first and second semester, students study the exact same subjects as the first-year university students at the University of Adelaide except in the Degree Transfer program, it is taught in a much more intensive format with the following features:

  • Smaller class sizes (approx. 20)
  • More contact hours per week per subject
  • Extra English language support
  • More assistance with difficult concepts
  • Teachers who are helpful and provide individual attention.

At the end of semester two, students then move into the second year of the bachelor degree with the rest of the local student population at the University of Adelaide. Students who pass their Degree transfer subjects on the first attempt will meet the English language entry requirement and will not need to submit an IELTS certificate to the University of Adelaide.

There are three programs on offer at Bradford College that vary in length as per student requirements: the Extended program, the Standard program, and the Accelerated program.

The Degree Transfer Extended program is split into three semesters: the bridging semester, semester one and semester two. In the bridging semester students study five subjects especially designed to give students excellent background knowledge and preparation for the subjects in their chosen degree.

The Degree Transfer Standard offers students with sufficient English and academic qualifications to waive the bridging semester, therefore studying first year university of Adelaide curriculum with additional support.

The Degree Transfer Accelerated program is offered within the Commerce stream, allowing students to gain entry into the second year of their selected bachelor program at the University of Adelaide in July.