Pre-Arrival in Adelaide

Pre-Arrival in Adelaide
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We are delighted to be welcoming you to Bradford College in the near future. Please find below some information to assist you in your pre-arrival preparations:

Arrival Guide
Australian quarantine information #1
Australian quarantine information #2
Australian customs information
Adelaide & South Australian visitors guide
The University of Adelaide campus map
Under 18 Student Management Plan
Departure Guide
Accommodation Brochure

Information for new students starting the first day of their program:

  • On the first day of your course, please come to Bradford College (Level 2, 132 Grenfell St, Adelaide) at 8.30am to begin your orientation and classes.

  • Bring your Passport so we can make a photocopy of it for our records
  • Bring a calculator as there will be maths testing on the first day
  • Bring the address details of where you are living in Adelaide and details of your mobile phone number and landline number in Adelaide (if available)
  • Bring a pen and notepad as you will need to make notes during the day
  • Bring a smile! There will be over 100 new students starting at Bradford College who are in the same situation as you and are looking to meet new friends. The best way to meet new people is to show them your smile!
  • Please note that lunch will be provided to students on the first day of orientation.