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Student Services & Facilities
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Bradford College Services and Facilities

College Facilities

The College is located in the Central Business District of Adelaide, within the University of Adelaide precinct. The campus is a modern, spacious building consisting of classrooms, a quiet study area, three computer suites, multimedia rooms, resource centre, student kitchen, student lounge including a piano, table tennis and foosball table, staff offices and College intranet.

Students at Bradford College are enrolled in the University of Adelaide Programs and therefore have access to a wide range of facilities and services at the University. The University of Adelaide is one of the best equipped tertiary institutions in Australia with facilities such as specialist laboratories, custom built workshop facilities and computer suites available to students. Students also have access to the library resources and student services of the University.

Academic Counsellors

The College’s full-time Academic Counsellors closely monitor the academic performance of Bradford students and assist students with any issue related to managing their study and workload. The Academic Counsellors also help students to find out more about the pathway to their chosen career and help students with applications for universities nationwide.

Student Welfare Manager

The Bradford College Student Welfare Manager works hard to ensure the happiness and well-being of all of our students during their time at Bradford College. Students can meet with them at any time to discuss any problems that may arise. The Student Welfare Manager also closely supervises any under 18 year-old students with regular meetings and reports back to parents.

Under 18 Students

If you are under the age of 18, Australian law considers you to be a minor and as such Bradford College takes special interest in your welfare and development. Under 18 students are required to meet with an allocated class teacher every 2 weeks so that the College can assess general welfare and ensure that these students are managing well in their new environment with respect to their accommodation, finances, friendships, health, studies and contacting their family on a regular basis. Bradford College takes their responsibility to take care of under 18 students very seriously and regular checks are made to ensure that your circumstances during your time in Adelaide are optimal at all times.

It is a requirement under Australian law that you keep the College informed at all times of where you are living. Under 18 students are not permitted to live in ‘Independent Rental’ accommodation until they are 18 years of age. It is a requirement of the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship that students under the age of 18 live in accommodation approved by Bradford College until they turn 18. This approved accommodation is exclusive to homestay or a hostel where prior arrangements have been made with management for extra supervision.

While Bradford College welcomes students under the age of 18, the University of Adelaide has rules regarding the admission of students who are under 18 years old. Students must be at least 18 years old at the commencement of their respective University of Adelaide program. Please contact the college to ensure you comply with the University’s age admission rules.

Under 18 year old student management plan


If you require assistance with this, we have a dedicated Accommodation Manager who will help you find a place to live which best suits your personal needs. Visit the Accommodation page for more information.

Airport Pick-up

If you are under 18 years of age when you start at Bradford College, or if you would prefer the convenience, Bradford College will arrange an airport pick-up for you for a cost of $120AUD. To arrange an airport pick-up, contact your agent if they organised your enrolment for you or if you prefer, contact Mrs. Debbie Armstrong at: with your full name, the program you are enrolled in, arrival date, flight number and time and we will send you the confirmation of your airport pick-up.

Health Cover

It is a condition of an Australian student visa that students obtain Overseas Student Health Cover. This currently costs approximately AUD$385 (subject to change without notice) per year for standard cover. There are several good health centres and hospitals with medical practitioners close to the College campus including the University’s on-campus health service. The student services staff can help you book in to see a doctor if you feel unwell.

On-arrival Services

  • Airport greeting
  • Orientation to local sites and facilities
  • Assistance with public transport
  • Social events to meet other students and make friends
  • Temporary and permanent accommodation placement
  • Orientation to the University of Adelaide campus
  • University of Adelaide Student Card
  • Arrival Guide

Student Learning Hub

The University of Adelaide’s revolutionary new three-level $42 million learning hub is able to be accessed by Bradford College students.

Situated in the heart of the University’s North Terrace Campus, ‘Hub Central‘ brings together learning and social spaces with student information services – creating a new meeting place and a “first port of call” for all students.

It blends these facilities with food and service retail outlets, merges seamlessly with the Barr Smith Library and provides new connections through to lecture theatres and across campus.

Bradford Student Common Room

Bradford College students also have exclusive access to the Bradford student common room where students can meet with friends, eat and relax. The room includes a plasma TV, piano, table tennis, foosball table, student kitchen, vending machine and couches.

Pre-arrival Information

If you’ve just enrolled, please click here for pre-arrival information.
On arrival in Adelaide, all students are supplied with emergency contact details to ensure that they are able to access assistance from the College 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if necessary. Parents of students under 18 years of age will be notified immediately if there is a situation involving their child’s health or wellbeing. Contact details for parents will be recorded on the College’s database so that parents can be contacted on short notice. Students must inform the College if their parent’s contact details change. Students over 18 years of age will be asked to nominate an emergency contact during enrolment. The College will contact this person if there is an emergency involving the student. Students must inform the College if their emergency contact details change.