Student Testimonials

Find out why our students love Bradford College

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Harley Zhang

China | Studying Bachelor of Commerce – International Business

It was more than just a great study experience that Bradford left me. The staff there helped me to settle in and develop a better understanding of life in Adelaide, adapt to the study methods used in higher education, and build up a social and support network, which has been very helpful further on.

The teaching and studying approach encourages students to be active and get involved rather than spending hours alone in the library. The teachers at Bradford are real people with real personality, who care about their students more than just their grades. From my experience, Bradford teachers always seek the uniqueness in students and helped them to make it shine.
There is a huge diversity within the courses; each student can find the combination most suitable to them. While studying I stayed
in a homestay arranged by Bradford and I met my best friend there – I heard it was not just me, but many Bradford students have made friends forever with their roommates or landlords.

I would definitely recommend Bradford as I would have got lost without the fundamental training I received. My experience at Bradford was wonderful, something I can remember my whole life.

Bradford 20130807 - 0279James Wong

Malaysia | Studying Bachelor of Commerce – International Studies & Economics

“I have found getting used to the facilities on campus and settling into life in laid-back Adelaide, while studying at Bradford has benefitted me. I improved my time management and feel I was well prepared for university. My favourite time was getting the results at the end of each trimester!”

Winner: Governor’s International Student Awards – Sporting Achievement 2012.

James has an amazing determination and the will to overcome challenges. Born with part of his left arm missing, he took up swimming after a near-drowning incident at age 7. He is now a successful Paralympic swimmer with aspirations to win Malaysia’s first Paralympic medal.



Adrian Du

China | Studying Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronic)

Adelaide is welcoming and it is easy for people to be accepted – people want to talk to international students to learn about and experience their culture. The city is cheap compared to others, and there is a better quality standard of living, everything is close to the university.

My Bradford experience was amazing, you could always count on personal help. The extra contact and longer tutorial sessions Bradford provided as part of the course were extremely useful, helped establish patterns of study, guide academic progress and to prepare for university life.

I received the award due to my work with others. I am interested in paying back the help that I received when I arrived in Australia.

The support I have received has taught me about integrity, to go above and beyond a job description to help others – this has inspired me in my community works.

Winner: International Student of the Year Award 2013

The Award, presented by the Council of International Students Australia, recognises significant contributions international students make to the Australian community. Adrian was recognised for his commitment to environmental issues, social justice, and equality.

alexAlex Wern Juin HONG

Alex studied the Foundation Studies program graduating in December 2009. After successfully completing the University’s challenging admissions process he is now studying the Bachelor of Dental Surgery at the University of Adelaide.

“Bradford College gave moral support and guided me in all ways throughout my university application process for Dentistry. For all those students who intend to study Medicine or Dentistry, Bradford College will organise talks or seminars to assist them in their interviews. They even invited ex-students to give tips to encounter the PQA test and the interview. That was really helpful indeed! The interview tips and practice not only helped me for the university interviews, but I believe will also help me for my future job interviews.

I found the Bradford College teachers to be friendly and very helpful. They always teach passionately and give full encouragement to the students.

Bradford College shares facilities with the university of Adelaide. So, Bradford students have the opportunity to be just like the university students using the same facilities.

I found the city of Adelaide to be well-planned and organised. This makes it easier for people new to Adelaide to travel around the city. Buses and trams come very frequently. The patrolling security officers and police officers definitely makes Adelaide feel like a safer place to live in.

This was my first time living away from my family away from home. I couldn’t have learnt to be more independent and more mature without Bradford College’s help. There were Under 18’s meeting every fortnight to make sure that I was doing well. I am really thankful to Bradford as they have really opened my eyes out to the world. I think that Bradford College is certainly the best place to pursue your studies if you are aiming for the University of Adelaide”.

FennyFenny Jieyi CHEN

Fenny graduated from the Foundation Studies program graduating in December 2009. She is now studying the Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) at the University of Adelaide.

“Every year in summer time, when the scorching heat hits Australia, it reminds me of the very first time when I arrived in Adelaide. I was 18 then and it was the first time living away from home in Australia. My parents wanted me to study overseas to open me up to new experiences.

Having grown up in the Chinese-speaking city of Guangzhou, coming to Adelaide and living in an totally foreign and English-speaking country was at first a changeling experience for me.

Initially, I was uncomfortable in the new environment, but after going through the excellent and friendly guidance from Bradford College, living and studying in Australia become one of the most remarkable and rewarding experiences of my life.

Bradford College not only helps develop academic skills for their students, but they helped us gain life-long practical knowledge that we could all benefit from in the future.

Courses such as critical thinking encouraged and exposed us to a higher level of thinking. I enjoyed the assemblies which were organised on Fridays where ex-students from Bradford and lecturers introduced us to practical techniques and skills that we could use in daily life and in the University.

Classes in Bradford College are rather small so that the lecturer could pay more attention to each individual. Gradually we became more prepared to face any obstacles in Australia, both from study and our life. When I faced any unsolvable difficulties the student counsellor and lecturers were always there for me to offer their advice and support. So in time, living in Australia became a very enjoyable experience.

People always wonder about the choices they make and where the turning point in their life is. For me, I am sure that coming to Australia and enrolling into Bradford College was a critical point in my life where I grew a lot as a person. So once again I would like to express my gratitude to all lecturers and staff at Bradford College and I am sure that I will enjoy my new life in University”.